SCOTx pauses Paxton deposition

Delay, delay, delay…

A crook any way you look

The Texas Supreme Court has halted depositions that were scheduled to begin Thursday in the whistleblower case against Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The all-GOP court issued an order Tuesday staying the depositions and giving the parties until Feb. 29 to respond with their broader legal arguments. The decision was made public within hours of Paxton’s top political ally — former President Donald Trump — calling on the court to end the case.

Earlier this month, a district court judge in Travis County had ordered Paxton and three top aides to sit for depositions starting Thursday with the attorney general himself. Paxton’s office fought that order up to the Supreme Court, asking the justices to at least put the depositions on hold.


The Supreme Court did not explain its ruling Tuesday. It said one justice, Evan Young, did not participate.

Three of the nine justices are up for reelection this year, though only one, John Devine, has a primary challenger.

See here for the previous update. There will be a hearing today in the Travis County court to argue about Paxton’s motion to declare that the case is resolved because of his announcement that he will no longer contest the allegations made by the whistleblowers. I’m going to guess he will lose on that motion, and there will be more appeals after that. Like I said, what an absolute weenie this guy is. The Chron, which notes that if Paxton is ever forced to provide testimony, “anything he says could be used by federal criminal investigators and could put pressure on state lawmakers to revisit the impeachment allegations”, has more.

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4 Responses to SCOTx pauses Paxton deposition

  1. Jeff N. says:

    Sad to see Paxton using political influence for such delay.

  2. Doris L Murdock says:

    Later in the Chronicle article, they cite the influence of TFG and his minions. That their tentacles are so widespread is dangerous.

  3. Jeff N. says:

    I agree. Paxton and TFG are running the same plays to delay justice. I think it’s worse here in Texas because the office of the governor, lite governor, senators, and AG and many others in state leadership are operatives of TFG.

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