Weekend link dump for March 17

“The Dune movies routinely establish that biology doesn’t play by Earth rules, even for humans, on the sand planet Arrakis. But physics—namely, gravity—does. Even the hefty tyrant Baron Harkonnen needs a rig to get around. Could the worms really move so effortlessly, even through all that sand?”

“Insurers do not provide Rapture policies. That’s not just because calculating the risk would be difficult, but because there’s no demand for such policies.”

“There’s plenty about Trump that voters still don’t know (yet)”.

“That explains a lot of the Times’s aberrant behavior, doesn’t it?”

Meet Jean Armour Polley, the woman who helped bring computers to libraries and coined the phrase “surfing the Internet”.

RIP, U.L. Washington, former infielder mostly for the Kansas City Royals who was on their pennant-winning team in 1980 and may have been best known for playing with a toothpick in his mouth.

RIP, Ed Ott, former catcher who was on the “We Are Family” World Series-winning 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.

A deep dive into “Tradwives” and the #FundieSnark movement that battles back against them.

“I work as a spokesperson for many victims who have no voice, and I really would like them to be empathetic: all the governors, all the senators, to be empathetic with the issue of human trafficking because there are millions of girls and boys who disappear all the time. People who are really trafficked and abused, as she [Britt] mentioned. And I think she [Britt] should first take into account what really happens before telling a story of that magnitude.”

“The U.S. prison population is rapidly graying. Prisons aren’t built for what’s coming”.

RIP, Deadspin 2.0. Go subscribe to Defector if you miss the original version of that site.

“According to The New York Times, the Republican Party’s finance and digital media teams are being relocated to Palm Beach, Florida. By no coincidence at all, that’s also the location of Trump’s campaign headquarters.”

RIP, Malachy McCourt, author, actor, raconteur, brother of Frank McCourt, the last of the McCourt brothers. Frank McCourt was my junior year English teacher at Stuyvesant, before he got all famous, though he and Malachy were already making a name for themselves by then. My classmate Laurie Gwen Shapiro wrote a lovely tribute to Malachy last year after he’d been kicked out of hospice for taking so long to croak. Give it a read.

Wishing Darryl Strawberry all the best.

“The bizarre video has raised questions about why Noem was making the video about the dental company, and why the governor of South Dakota — who launched a program last year to recruit people to live and work in her state — was promoting a company in Texas.”

“A decades-long forgery scheme ensnared Canada’s most famous Indigenous artist, a rock musician turned sleuth and several top museums. Here’s how investigators unraveled the incredible scam”.

“I won’t give up because I’m telling the truth. I’m out of fucks.”

That story about Formula 1 that some people didn’t want you to read.

“New data explodes myth of crime wave fueled by migrants”.

“Pop star Olivia Rodrigo, a vocal advocate for women’s reproductive rights, paired up with local organizations to distribute free emergency contraceptives and condoms during a tour stop in St. Louis.” Great stuff, but you were just here in Texas, Olivia. Wish you had done the same at those shows.

“When seasons go from one to two to three to four [seasons], three to four is where the cost really pops because most of the actors get bigger raises, and you have to really manage that. So, you have to have in your portfolio of development shows that can actually replace shows as they get into later seasons.”

JK Rowling is so monstrously terrible now that it’s actively ruining the happy memories I have of reading the Harry Potter books to my kids. Jesus Christ.

“It’s Not Just Sandy Hook. Aaron Rodgers Has Some Very Strange Thoughts About…Buildings.”

RIP, David E. Harris, first Black pilot hired by a major US airline.

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