Texas blog roundup for the week of April 8

This Texas Progressive Alliance weekly roundup is best viewed through eclipse glasses.

Off the Kuff sighs and reviews one more whiny sore loser election lawsuit in Harris County.

Socratic Gadfly, riffing on The Nation, has some critical thoughts about Richard Linklater and Lawrence Wright as squishes, based on Wright’s HBO series.

Neil at the Houston Democracy Project said vote in the HCAD races & demand local elected Democrats, including Dem. Houston City Councilmembers, be part of the fight.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Texas 2036 tells us how that eclipse will benefit our state.

The Austin Chronicle reports on the change of leadership at Ground Game Texas.

The Observer looks back at nine years of Ken Paxton’s now-concluded securities fraud case.

Adrian Rocha argues that President Biden should pardon all undocumented immigrants who have been arrested on marijuana possession charges.

The Eyewall summarizes the latest 2024 hurricane season forecast.

The Fort Worth Report brings the news that FWISD elementary school students are campaigning for each of the candidates to be the city’s official bird.

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