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More campaign announcements

As Greg has noted, State Rep. Joe Nixon is now officially a candidate for the open SD7 seat, joining fellow Republican Rep. Peggy Hamric in the race. I’ve got a press release from the announcement which touts Nixon’s “11-year record” of “fighting for tax relief, defending traditional family values, and passing historic tort reform” – you get the idea. Suffice it to say that I wish the Democrats had run a candidate against him last year.

Greg also notes that CD10 GOP primary losers Ben Streusand and John Devine are mulling this race over. Be sure the Mute button on your TV remote is in good working order if they do.

In HD48, Donna Howard is officially in the Democratic primary to challenge incumbent GOP Rep. Todd Baxter, who won a squeaker against Kelly White last year. Karl-T reported a few days ago that White would be backing Howard, who will be up against Andy Brown and possibly others in the Dem primary. I have a press release on this one as well, and I’ll quote a bit from it:

A former Eanes ISD board member, Howard was born and raised in Austin, graduated from Reagan High, and has spent her adult life working to help strengthen the community. She was a co-founder of Advocates for Eanes Schools, a parent organization that monitors the activities of the school board, and helped start the Texas Education Crisis Coalition, a grassroots group of parents and community leaders.

Certified as a Master School Trustee by the Texas Association of School Boards, Howard has previously run as a Democratic candidate for the State Board of Education.


Howard earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s in health education, both from the University of Texas. She has worked as a critical care nurse at Brackenridge and Seton hospitals, served as the first hospital-based Patient Education Coordinator in Austin history, and helped get the Seton Good Health School off the ground. She has also been president of the Texas Nurses’ Association (District 5) and a Health Education instructor at UT.

Two good candidates there, hopefully whoever emerges in March can take out Baxter.

And speaking of close Travis County State House races, HD50’s Mark Strama now has an opponent, Republican Don Zimmerman. Obviously, I’m a Strama fan, and I believe he’ll win this race by a much more comfortable margin than he did in 2004 against then-incumbent (and TAB poster boy) Jack Stick, but I’ll give Zimmerman credit for his role in defeating a bad anti-privacy bill from 2003 (thanks to Rob for the pointer).

For what it’s worth, Zimmerman’s announcement just about stands alone among Republican challenges to incumbent Democrats – other than this, State Sen. Frank Madla, and of course US Rep. Chet Edwards, I can’t think of any others with opponents at this point. I’m sure that’ll change, but for now at least the Dems are way ahead in the recruitment game.

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  1. D says:

    Donna Howard is a true star: smart, attractive and focused on public service, not partisanship. She will match up nicely against the ultra arrogant-ultra partisan Todd Baxter.

  2. Terral says:

    Zimmerman won’t be the Republican candidate in HD 50; he’s a nut go goes around attacking Bush and the patriot act. The Republican establishment has already recruited someone to run who’s going to announce in Spetember or October.

    HD 50 is a very culturally conservative district; Strama is going to have a hard time defending many of his votes – including votes supporting toll roads (very unpopular here).

  3. David says:

    It’s amusing to see again this prediction of an “establishment” candidate who is “going to announce” soon. We’ve been hearing this prediction for months, and the name keeps changing and the date keeps getting moved back. Meanwhile, Zimmerman raises more money and meets with more people around the district. Already, the “establishment” in the form of Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson are backing Zimmerman, along with former Republican Party of Texas Political Director Royal Masset.

    As for Zimmerman’s questioning of the Patriot Act, I would think that would help appeal to cross-over voters in November, while Zimmerman’s strong advocacy for taxpayers (lowered taxes three years running as president of his MUD district, led the campaign that defeated the Taj Mahal RRISD bond proposal) give him credibility with Republican primary voters that no johnny-come-lately can touch.