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Dance, Tom, dance!

You know that any article that features a photo of Tom DeLay standing next to an Elvis impersonator is going to be good reading, right? And so it is.

I’ve opined before that DeLay’s actions so far indicate to me a desire on his part to not just win but win big. I’m gratified to see that I’m not the only person who thinks that.

“He needs to play it safe and come home and do the things you need to do,” said Gloria Roemer, spokeswoman for Harris County Judge Robert Eckels. “He wants to win by a substantial margin.”

Unlike me, Robert Eckels is in a pretty good position to know what Tom DeLay is thinking, so if he’s saying this sort of thing, you can accept it as true. Just remember that you read it here first.

I find this quote, from Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman, to be even more interesting:

“He may have observed the experiences of others who took their districts for granted and lived to rue the day,” said Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman. “It’s always smart to dance with the girl that brung ya.”


DeLay’s Democratic opponent is former Rep. Nick Lampson, who lost his seat after the redistricting. Lampson had raised more than $500,000 by June 30; in 2004, Morrison raised only about $643,000 for the entire campaign.

DeLay and Lampson each plan to raise at least $4 million.

“Tom Delay is anything but naive,” Kaufman said. “It is not going to be a tortoise-and-hare situation for him.”

Is Kaufman implying that DeLay was caught napping last year? We know that he didn’t really do much campaigning until fairly late in the cycle. He’s certainly being serious about his own fundraising, what with bringing in Big Time Dick for a little secure-undisclosed-location schmoozing. Make of this what you will.

One last item of interest:

[T]he parade of local appearances is a departure from past August breaks. In 2002, for instance, DeLay campaigned for eight House members from California to North Carolina. In 2003, he and other lawmakers addressed Israel’s Knesset.

On this break, he spent just two days away from the district — one in Nashville, Tenn., to attend a Christian conservative rally and another at a Hilton Head golf fundraiser for Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C.

There’s another reason, beyond DeLay’s need to tend to his own backyard, why he isn’t travelling around raising money for other people so much: Coverage like this tends to follow along with him.

I’ll be returning to some of these ideas later on over the weekend. For now, just enjoy that Elvis picture.

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  1. for and says:

    so, the person in charge of the voting machines (which have no evidentiary Paper Ballots) is telling DeLay to not take his job (or her?) for granted. Huuuummmmmmm….

  2. Bambi says:

    She’s dancing with the gal that brung her too though. Many Republicans are in favor of a VVPAT. Tom DeLay is not one of the many Republicans in favor of a VVPAT.

  3. What is Tom DeLay doing now?

    He’s posing with Elvis at a nursing home — err, campaigning in his district.

  4. The Stakeout

    While most of our attention is (rightfully) focused on the gulf coast today, here’s a rundown on House news from the past few days: As I suspect will be the case most days until the special election race is over,…

  5. for,, and says:

    If many republicans were in favor of Paper Ballots, it would be a done deal. Too few republicans have supported real evidence in elections. With more advocacy from all of us, we need to get everyone who loves democracy on board.

  6. Bambi says:

    I most definitely agree about more advocacy from all of us. When I wrote many Republicans I should have been more specific. I have not talked to a Republican “person on the street” yet who would argue against a VVPAT. It is also my understanding that counties with a Democratic Party majority have the Republicans pushing for a VVPAT.