Sherrie Matula in HD129

Carl Whitmarsh is reporting to his email list that Rep. John Davis, who has gone unchallenged in each election since the 2001 State House redistricting, will not be unopposed next year.

Glad to report the impending announcement of the candidacy of Sherrie Matula for the Democratic nomination for State Representative, District 129, in and around the Clear Lake/NASA area. The district is currently represented by Republican John Davis.

Sherrie and her family are long time resident of the area (since 1974), long time active Democrats and she is a retiring educator who has her degree from UH while her husband and two daughters all have mechanical engineering degrees from Texas A&M. Sherrie is a third generation educator and as a topper, she served an elected four year term on the Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees. She’s been involved in all sorts of community affairs from local sports leagues to the community symphony.

I’ve heard good things about her from BAND‘s John Cobarruvias. Like many State House districts, this one will be a formidable challenge, as the average Republican candidate got about 66% of the vote last year. With one big exception: Tom DeLay only got 60% there. That’s why I’m excited that someone is stepping up – HD129 is entirely contained within CD22, so anything which can help add a point or two to the overall Democratic performance there is huge. I look forward to hearing more about Sherrie Matula.

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  3. L.Hodges says:

    I too am very excited about Sherrie Matula’s candidacy for the Texas House. Sherrie is a high achieving individual with an excellent grasp of state issues particularly as they relate to finance. She is a long time educator and has positively influenced the lives of students, parents, teachers and administrators with her analytical approach to problems and opportunities. What an stellar candidate!

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