Weekend link dump for May 26

“It’s hard to believe today, when the vast majority of Americans support it, but just 20 years ago the issue of same-sex marriage divided the country and drove voter turnout.”

“We were robbed of a Daisy Jones & The Six set at Lollapalooza”.

“Two voice actors are leading a class-action lawsuit against AI voiceover company Lovo for using recordings of them to create a bot that replicates their voices — and competes with them for work.”

“I try to have empathy for what they are going through. I try to have some humor with it, as well. I tell them that chemo is the worst; it [stinks]. But on days when they feel good, I encourage them to go out and be themselves. Be a kid, and do what you want to do.”

“I am not surprised that Sam Alito, a reactionary dunce who has not absorbed information from any non-Newsmax source since 2008, might feel sympathy for his preferred presidential candidate in the aftermath of January 6. But I admit I am kind of floored that he would be this brazen about it.”

Sorry, Kyle. Better luck next year.

“After the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade nearly two years ago, paving the way for states to usher in new restrictions on abortion, doctors started seeing more young adults seeking vasectomies or getting their tubes tied, emerging research has found.”

“The idea of a moon economy complete with roads, food and sources of power can sound far-fetched. But companies are now planning for the realities of life in space, and dozens of startups are inking contracts to send goods to the moon, determined to have people going there by late 2026.”

“But after almost 500 articles in The Wall Street Journal, one thing I’ve learned from covering the tech industry is that failures are far more instructive. Especially when they’re the kind of errors made by many people.”

RIP, Ivan Boesky, onetime Wall Street titan-turned-convict who served as the partial inspiration for the 1987 Oliver Stone film Wall Street.

Many things about the Endless Shrimp-aided demise of Red Lobster have me gobsmacked, but nothing has ever shaken me as much as the revelation that the “average entree price” there was around $35. At Red Lobster? Seriously???

RIP, Jim Otto, Pro Football Hall of Fame center for the Raiders, known for having “00” as his uniform number.

“I was shocked, angered, and in disbelief that Mr. Altman would pursue a voice that sounded so eerily similar to mine that my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference.”

“There should be an investigation. There should be everything. Because that’s how politics works. Things breakthrough and you actually have an effect when you make noise, when you push on doors. We shouldn’t even be talking about it as a flag controversy. We need to investigate Alito’s support for the Jan. 6th coup attempt and demand he recuse himself from any case tied to the coup attempt. Why would you ever talk about it in a way that doesn’t make clear what you’re talking about or why it matters?”

“Outside groups like Turning Point USA and media outlets like the Daily Wire are providing communities and constituents with a playbook. Christian college administrators may think that by caving to the pressure they’ll save their institutions from bad press and protect their reputations in conservative circles, but that’s a short-sighted move. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. This is how this works.”

“Four months after the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago estate, Donald Trump’s attorneys discovered four documents marked “classified” in his personal bedroom.”

“Undecided voters are concerned that if Donald Trump returns to the White House, he’ll never leave.” A very valid thing to be afraid of.

Bryce Harper is a mensch.

“The significance of this development is profound: If AI provides the answers to all the searches that you’re looking for, there is no need to click on the source articles that provide the answers. If you don’t click on the source articles, the publishers do not receive any ad revenue, and if the publishers do not receive ad revenue, they cannot pay their writers to provide the answers for Google’s AI to steal.”

“Supreme Court Makes Racial Gerrymandering Even Harder To Prove In New Ruling”.

“In a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit that threatens to upend the way concertgoers pay for tickets, the US government and dozens of states sued Live Nation on Thursday, alleging that for years the parent company of Ticketmaster abused its industry dominance to harm fans nationwide.”

“Meet the baseball team hoping to win an NCAA title for a school that won’t exist in June”. The school is Birmingham-Southern, they’re Division III. As an alum of a Div III school, I’m familiar with them, as we’ve played them in football and basketball before. Not anymore, obviously.

RIP, Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker best known for Super Size Me.

RIP, Kabosu, the dog behind the “doge” meme.

Congratulations to the Harris County Public Library system and the Houston Children’s Museum for winning 2024 National Medals for Museum and Library Service.

RIP, Richard M. Sherman, legendary songwriter mostly for Disney who along with his brother Robert won multiple Oscars and Grammys for Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and many others.

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  1. SocraticGadfly says:

    “It’s hard to believe,” but …

    Maybe support for the Palestinian cause will have the same swing in 20 years.

    You can be a part of that, Kuff.

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