OffTheKuff = OutWithPneumonia

Well, it looks like the vile enemy pneumonia has sidetracked this blog’s namesake. He’ll be on injured reserve for a few days. Guest bloggers have been given the bat signal, so blogging will resume in however much of an OnTheKuff type of form during that time.

I’m told that, due to a power struggle at home, Kuff will not have a laptop with him. Otherwise, I’m sure he’d be blogging up a storm. But if there’s any well-wishers that want to leave some kind words, a couple of printouts might be smuggled into his hospital room.

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3 Responses to OffTheKuff = OutWithPneumonia

  1. PDiddie says:

    Feels-Like-Dead Blogger Walking.

    I doubt that you’ll need a rehab post in Round Rock — let’s see, that would be Eye on Williamson, I believe — before you come back up to the big leagues, Chuck.

    Feel better soon and please don’t pass it on to your chirren.

  2. Kevin Whited says:

    Pneumonia and hospital?! Good gawd.

    Get yourself well, Charles!

  3. Charles,

    I am “Up North” and just now learned of your illness. Please get well soon! We miss you.

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