Speaking of rumors

Last week, just as I was getting ready to bug out of Rita’s way, reader Charles M sent me this Wonkette link, which makes what sounded to me like a bizarre claim:

Wonkette readers are no Googling monkeys, but they do know their way around a high school yearbook. Two theories dominated the guessing game about the meaning of this headscratcher:

* A SMART SUGARLAND MOVE BY BEGALA, per the Washington Post: “Adults With Wisdom Teeth Often Develop Gum Disease.” (That one is an inside joke intelligible to precisely seven Note readers.) LINK

First: Paul Begala is from Sugar Land, he had his wisdom teeth removed while there, and thus is one smart guy, able to pat himself on the back this morning after a general round of back patting generated by the the rest of the morning’s news. This is not much of a joke, but it does make some kind of sense.

Second, Paul Begala is going to run for Congress against Tom Delay, who is also from Sugar Land. This is completely insane and has nothing to do with gum disease, but we like it that way.

Thank you for playing and good night.

I’m not a regular Wonkette reader, so I can’t honestly say if this is a joke or not, but I can say that I placed an inquiry with the Nick Lampson campaign, and they said to me that they hadn’t heard anything about Paul Begala and CD22 outside of my question. So, just in case anyone had heard of this and took it seriously, far as I can tell you can forget about it.

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  1. Wonkette has the batting average of an American League pitcher.

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