How about a nice big serving of schadenfreude?

Who knew that one little indictment could make so many people so very very happy?

How about this? Someone actually thought to ask one of the grand jurors about the indictment.

The majority leader derided Earle as an “unabashed partisan zealot” and a “rogue district attorney.”

However, the grand jury’s foreman, William Gibson, told The Associated Press that Earle didn’t pressure members to indict DeLay. “Ronnie Earle didn’t indict him. The grand jury indicted him,” Gibson said in an interview at his home.

Gibson, 76, a retired sheriff’s deputy, said of DeLay: “He’s probably doing a good job. I don’t have anything against him. Just something happened.”

Via the Daily DeLay, which as you might imagine has quite a bit more on this. Start at the top and scroll down.

Here’s Chris Bell’s statement. And here’s a couple of reminders from Public Citizen that despite DeLay’s protestations, he’s been in plenty of well-earned trouble before.

As Michael says, in times such as these, it’s important to ask yourself the tough questions. Like, What would Bruce Campbell do?

Greg notes a slightly baffling defense of DeLay from his good buddy John Culberson.

Finally, as The Red State notes, now would be a good time to lend a hand to Nick Lampson.

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5 Responses to How about a nice big serving of schadenfreude?

  1. becky earle says:

    All I can say is “.. Free at last, free at last. God Almighty, free at last.” This indictment just made my day…maybe my year.

  2. ArchPundit says:

    I wonder if I would have been this happy to watch Jim Wright go down?

    Hmmm…Yes. Definitely.

    Of course, we have a former Governor on trial right now with a guy testifying against him who bought people off with $2 hookers.

    And we still allow corporate and union donations to candidates.

  3. Michael says:

    Carl’s LJ Post is the best reply I’ve seen yet.

  4. Katie says:

    Heard yesterday on NPR that the Delay camp is, of course, calling the indictment “a political vendetta.” Give me a break, a GRAND JURY indicted you, not the Dems. Jesus. I would go into my lecture on the judicial system but I’ll refrain. I am personally enjoying the comments over at Chris Bell’s blog. To a comment by Betsy that “First of all, the dialog was not ‘about making Texas better’….it was about going after Tom Delay and then Rick Perry…under the guise of ethics and fair play and honesty.” Mike responds “That’s like saying I went to the sandwich shop under the guise of getting something for lunch.” These are priceless moments.

  5. Ellen says:

    Last fall, I was a member of the Travis County Grand Jury. I had high hopes that we would be presented with the opportunity to return this indictment, and was disappointed when our term ended in December with no mention of DeLay or the TRMPAC crowd. This news is sweet indeed.

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