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Congrats to John Courage

I’ve been remiss in not congratulating John Courage for winning the online poll to earn the first Democracy for America endorsement of the 2006 election season. Consider that omission corrected.

It’s a great accomplishment for John, and he deserves kudos for beating out some excellent competitors, but by itself it means little. The bottom line for this is whether or not that endorsement translates into campaign contributions. If Courage’s next FEC filing report shows enough money raised and cash on hand to make non-obsessive observers take notice, then his campaign can get on the public’s radar. He can start to get some coverage in the papers, especially in stories about Lamar Smith. People need to know who he is before they can support him, and for better or worse it all starts with the money.

You know what that means, right? Sure you do. Doesn’t this quarter end tomorrow? Consider that an additional enticement.

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  1. Congratulations John Courage

    Congratulations John Courage