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David Murff in CD07

I’ve been hoping to see someone step up to run against John Culberson in CD07, and I see via PDiddie that my wish has come true. The gentleman’s name is David Murff, and he’s answered a few questions at Perry’s place, so go take a look. His website isn’t up yet, but when it is I’ll post an update. Welcome to the 2006 election, David Murff!

(Now if we can just get opponents for Ted Poe and Kevin Brady, we’ll have the whole Houston area covered at the Congressional level…)

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  1. Stace says:

    I’ve heard Poe might get an opponent from Beaumont.

  2. Jonathan M. says:

    Good luck David!

  3. Nick Hargis says:

    Jim Henley is running for CD-07 too, quite possibly a more viable candidate for the job. He has clear ideas and conveys common sense.