Behold my power!

If only I had such sway over the Chronicle’s editorial page! Thanks for the egoboo and all, but I’ve never even gotten them to print one of my letters to the editor. Believe me, if they were taking orders from me they’d have finished all of their endorsements by now.

Sedosi’s complaint here is that the Chron doesn’t have an op-ed on the passing of Rosa Parks. Far as I can tell, the editorials there generally lag the news cycle by a day or two. While I agree that it would be nice to see them be more on top of things, I think it’s a little unfair to single them out without at least a cursory check of what the other major papers are opining on. With that in mind:

– The top editorial at the Morning News has to do with sanctions on Syria, with secondary pieces on Ben Bernanke and teaching kids about the evils of drugs.

– At the Star-Telegram, they’re weighing in on cancelling proms, a tax increment financing district, and more kudos for Ben Bernanke.

– The Express News tells us to support the McCain anti-torture bill and to vote for Prop 7, while also counseling NBA players to accept a dress code.

– Last but not least we have the Statesman, which turns out to be the only paper eulogizing Rosa Parks on its editorial page. (They also lionize Ben Bernanke, which makes me wonder who all these papers have been listening to and why the Chron didn’t get that particular memo. I will admit, though, that “Bush hires competent non-crony for important job” is a topic worth remarking on.)

So five major papers, and one editorial obit for Rosa Parks, with many other pieces commenting on older stories. I feel certain that by Thursday, at least four of the five will have said something about Ms. Parks. As well they should remember a true American hero, who deserves to be commemorated from coast to coast. All I’m saying is that if it’s a crime for the Chron not to have done it today, they had their share of accomplices.

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2 Responses to Behold my power!

  1. Sedosi says:

    Eh Kuffner quit patting yourself on the back, you might dislocate a shoulder. 😉

    The point of my piece was that Mrs. White should have spent the space catching up on her lagging recommendations on the Texas Constitutional Propositions. (since early voting started yesterday)

    I found it odd that she dedicated her lead editorial to a news piece that received almost ZERO hard news coverage from the Chron.

    Really the only coverage of the Hutchinson fiasco has been in the “progressive” blogosphere.

    So we know what she’s been reading.

    We all know that only the Houston Press takes marching orders from you.


  2. Michael says:

    Gee, and I figured the Chron lifted it from the WaPo.

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