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A day to remember

Today is Dia de los Muertos. It is, as Stace notes, a largely Mexican and Mexican-American holiday that celebrates the dead and welcomes them home for the two-day period coinciding with All Saints’ Day, today, and All Souls’ Day, tomorrow. The Chron has several stories about this holiday and how it is celebrated:

Mexico town becomes chic place to celebrate

Ofrenda celebrates life by honoring the dead

Welcoming back the dead

Make your own ofrenda

I’m not much for visual displays. I’m more of a words kind of guy. That’s what I’ve got to offer today, in remembrance of my two grandmothers, Jessie Mary McLaren Kuffner, and Ann Carasaniti Abbruzza Visco. If I could have one wish on this day, it would be for Olivia to know those two women as I did. Rest in peace, Nana and Red. You are always welcome in our home.

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