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Motion to remove judge granted

For now, at least, Tom DeLay has gotten what he wants: a new judge in his money laundering trial.

Travis County Judge Bob Perkins must step aside from presiding over the money-laundering trial of U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, a visiting judge ruled this afternoon.

Retired Judge W.C. “Bud” Duncan of Bell County made his ruling after a half-day hearing in Perkins’ courtroom. He did not issue any comment or explanation.

I don’t agree with this decision, as I believe it constitutes special treatment for a defendant who doesn’t deserve any, but like Ronnie Earle I accept the ruling and will move on. Thanks to Dick DeGuerin’s skills, this was becoming a sideshow anyway. Let’s get it on already.

I will say this: Having made such a big deal over Judge Perkins’ political donations, the replacement judge had better be pretty damn virginal in this department. If a judge who gave money to MoveOn is unacceptable, then a judge who’s given to the Club for Growth (which, I remind you, ran numerous pro-DeLay ads in the 2004 election cycle) or any such similar group should be equally unacceptable. I just hope there are judges left when we’re all done eliminating those who have tainted contribution histories.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    According to All Things Considered, all but one judge in that jurisdiction is a Democrat. Whaddya bet the next step is an attempt to change the venue to a more Republican location?

  2. Charles Hixon says:

    How much justice can you afford?

  3. Tom Bazan says:

    Seems as if retired Democrat judge Duncan agreed that Perkins appears a little too rabid to appear fair to Tom DeLay’s indicted ham sandwich.

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