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Did I mention that tomorrow was Election Day?

So far this afternoon, we’ve received four robocalls advocating a vote this way or that. The elections may not be on the airwaves for the most part, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. I have a feeling we’ll be letting Call Notes do the work this evening. How are things in your household?

UPDATE: Five calls as of 8:15 PM.

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  1. Sue says:

    Um. Well, I’m considerably embarassed to admit that I haven’t looked at anything for the election yet. Prop 2 is easy, but the rest of it? I don’t even know if I have to vote for any people tomorrow. Ah, the joy of off-year elections.

    In my defense, I’ve been super busy with home association stuff lately. We’re trying to re-do our deed restrictions and it’s become a living hell for the board of directors, of which I am a part. My spare time lately has been spent on much fluffier pursuits, like catching up on season 4 of “Alias”.

  2. Tek_XX says:

    I’ve had three calls here in New Braunfels

  3. Don't Mess w/ Pink says:

    I’m here in Houston, and had 9 calls on my voice mail last night. Nine! What, am I on some list? And does anyone but the most addicted of political junkies listen to the robocalls? I sometimes listen long enough to hear who it is, but that’s generally it.

    Sidenote: I listenend to AG Greg Abbott’s call long enough to hear him say something about people misleading us all on the effect of the Prop 2 language, then caught the tail end of a news story on KTRH where it said Abbott refused to comment (on something) because his office might be called upon to construe the language. Really? Then what the heck was that call on Prop 2 about?

  4. Sedosi says:

    Four calls.

    Oddly enough, THREE of them were related to Prop 2.

    Funny thing elections. Our scholls are falling apart, homeowners are being taxed out of their homes, and all the Lege can come up with is meddling in morality issues.