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Statements by Clutterbuck and Hittner

Also in the Examiner are statements by Anne Clutterbuck and George Hittner for those of you who still haven’t made up your minds in that runoff. You can also catch them tonight on Texas Politics – The Real Deal, with David Jones and Gary Polland, 6:30-7:30 p.m. – Warner Cable Channel 17. The call-in number is 713-807-1794 if you want to ask them a question. Don’t let it be said that you went into the booth on Saturday uninformed about your choice. (Thanks to Carl Whitmarsh for the TV info.)

Finally, the Houston GLBT Political Caucus has issued a statement criticizing the recent mailers sent out on Hittner’s behalf by the Conservative Republicans of Harris County and Steve Hotze. Click the More link to read what they said.

The Houston GLBT Political Caucus (HGLBTPC PAC) is extremely disturbed by an offensive mailer sent by the Conservative Republicans and Steve Hotze on behalf of George Hittner. Mr. Hittner has clearly chosen to focus on dirty politics instead of the issues that impact District C residents. The mailing sent by Mr. Hotze and the Conservative Republicans lists the HGLBTPC PAC endorsement and Anne’s support of same-sex benefits for city employees in a negative manner.

“It’s interesting that the Steve Hotze and the Conservative Republicans have chosen to highlight one of the best aspects of Anne Clutterbuck, which is her commitment to adequately represent all District C constituents regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. All citizens in District C deserve representation. Anne Clutterbuck will represent all District C constituents and not a select few,” said HGLBTPC PAC President Maria Gonzalez. “It’s not possible to properly serve in public office if your intentions are not to represent all constituents.”

“It’s absolutely appalling that Mr. Hittner would support this type of political messaging. Mr. Hittner, working with Mr. Hotze and the Conservative Republicans, has chosen to play dirty politics instead of focusing on the issues that impact the City of Houston and District C. This is a clear distraction for the lack of substance on Mr. Hittner’s stance on the issues. This is another example of why Anne Clutterbuck is the best candidate for District C.” said Jack Valinski, HGLBTPC PAC Vice President.

“It’s no wonder people are disillusioned with the political process when you see candidates such as George Hittner associating themselves with anti-gay extremist individuals like Steve Hotze. Mr. Hittner is using Mr. Hotze to attack Anne Clutterbuck simply because she wants to insure that all constituents in District C are adequately represented. Anne recognizes that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people or no different from their heterosexual counterparts in that they are deeply committed citizens who care about their neighborhoods, trash pickup, and adequate police coverage to name a few issues,” said Tammi Wallace, HGLBTPC PAC Board Member. “These are individuals who are helping neighbors, serving on civic association boards, and adding value to their neighborhoods. A basic responsibility of a city council person is to serve all constituents and Anne is committed to meeting the responsibilities of elected office and not playing politics. Clearly, Mr. Hittner would rather play politics in this most important race. Anne is about doing what is best for District C and the City of Houston. Anne cares about real people and real issues and that’s why we’re proud to endorse her.”

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