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Psst…Wanna buy a used rollercoaster?

I feel it is my duty to inform you that much of AstroWorld is for sale via auction, with bidding to take place January 6-8 starting at 9 AM Friday at the now-former park’s Kirby Drive location. What you might care to do with Greezed Lightning or XLR8, or where you might want to keep them, is none of my business. I may have to check this out for some of the collectibles, though I daresay I’ll be priced out of any auction pretty quickly. Click over and see for yourself what’s available. Thanks to Houstonist for the catch.

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  1. Maybe they’ll straighten out one of the rollercoasters and use it to extend the Red Line.

  2. John D. Wilson says:

    Charles – don’t forget about Lights in the Heights – we need a new angle next year – how about AstroWorld in the Heights?