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On the radio tonight

I will be a guest on Sean-Paul “The Agonist” Kelly’s radio show tonight from 7:30 to 8:00 PM. The broadcast is on San Antonio’s KTSA, which is 550 on the AM dial, or you can click the link and listen to a live stream. You can call in to the show at (512) 599-5555, or toll-free at (800) 299-KTSA. Tune in and remind yourself what “a face made for radio, a voice made for blogging” really means.

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  1. Jack Cluth says:

    He’ll be fine as long as he remembers not to say “blow job”. A man can’t be too careful these days, eh??

  2. Will you be on the radio as you, or will Agonist claim to be you when you’re on the radio?

    People still remember.

  3. P.M.Bryant says:

    Very cool. I hope I’ll get a chance to tune in. One question that came up in dinner conversation with family from Austin the other night was, “Who is running (as Democrats) for the non-governor statewide offices, such as Lt. Gov., Land Comm., Atty Gen., etc.?” We all came up blank.

  4. Kuffner, Courage, and DVO on tonight’s Agonist Radio

    Tuesday you had BAR, last night you got Bell, and tonight you can listen to Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff from 7:30 until 8:00 pm, John Courage (Lamar Smith slayer) for the entire hour — 8 to 9 pm…

  5. Blue Texas says:

    A great week for Texas progressives on Texas radio

    Tuesday night was US Senate candidate Barbara Radnofsky, last night you heard the next Governor of Texas, Chris Bell, and tonight you can listen to the dean of the Texas lefty blogosphere, Charles Kuffner of Off the Kuff from 7:30 until 8:00 pm, John C…

  6. David Van Os who is running for AG will be a guest on this week as well. Tonight I believe from the 9-930 slot. But I could be impersonating him, ya dig?

  7. PDiddie says:


    There’s a list of all filings of Democrats in the state right here.

    Rumored to be entering the race for Lt. Governor are Galveston attorney Tony Buzbee and Maria Alvarado.

    Texas Tuesdays and Greg also list (both in the left menu, scroll down) prospective candidates in addition to declared ones.