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Filing news: Stuff I forgot the first time

The problem with doing these big accumulation posts is that it’s easy to forget some stuff. Fortunately, blog software makes publishing easy…

Rumors are flying around the campaign of Carole Keeton “One Discombobulated Grandma” Strayhorn. Will she run as an independent? Will she cross us all up and run for Lite Guv (I got the same email Bluebonnet did)? Will she shave her heard and move to Botswana? Hey, I figure I’d better get in the rumormongering business while it’s still brisk. If you hear that one anywhere else, you’ll know where you heard it first.

Matt reports a rumor that there could be a second Democratic contender for HD122: former Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Rudy Casias. The Jeffersonian is unimpressed.

Things are still screwed up in the aforementioned Bexar County Democratic Party. Film at eleven.

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  1. PatSatOnARat says:

    Strayhorn will announce at 3 pm Monday that she is running as an Independent. She will go to great lengths to insist that she is really a Republican but blame Rick Perry and his extremist allies for hijacking “her” party and running it as far right as they could.

  2. Cincinnatus says:

    If that statement has any validity at all to it, this is going to be one amazing November.

    Just a minor note: Sadly, Rudy Casias is still the County Party Chair down here. Which just makes his thinking about joining the primary all the more ridiculous since he has to, you know, actually run the ’06 primary.

  3. RBH says:

    Anybody got any idea on if even a poor lonely soul will file against Conaway, Granger, or Thornberry? I’m going to guess that the rumored opponent for Marchant (the semi-formidable Gary R. Page) will actually file. Also, will Lico Reyes run again against Burgess? (well, it’d be his 15th or so campaign too)

    And yes, the districts where Bush won 78% aren’t high on the radar.

    As for Strayhorn. One Tough Spoiler Candidate.

  4. Dennis says:

    I knew Strayhorn was in serious trouble when she sent me a long, hand-written personalized letter in response to my $50 contribution. Apparently I was one of the very few who had sent her money. Yeah, color her a spoiler, now.