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Let the bidding begin

Just as a reminder, the AstroWorld auction begins this Friday. Bring your checkbook, and make sure you’ve got a big enough balance in it.

The park already tested the waters by putting some of the memorabilia up for sale on eBay. The exit sign in Oriental script for the Ozarka Splash, the former Bamboo Shoot, went for about $100, said [auction coordinator Anthony] Piccola.

So how much is a fiberglass steer worth?

“I’m thinking $1,500,” said [auction attendee Robert] Thomas, who admits he really doesn’t have a clue. It could bring $5,000, he speculated. Or $8,000. Or $10,000.

“You know how that auction stuff goes,” he said. “It may go for more. I haven’t seen many of those things on the market.”

Neither has [auctioneer Kenneth] Dixon, who is also scratching his head over how much the giant fiberglass great white shark will fetch. The shark used to hang over the wave pool at WaterWorld.

“I’ve never sold a shark or a Tasmanian Devil,” Dixon said, pointing to the orange fiberglass creature, also up for bids.

One thing is certain though, he said. People will surprise you.

There were a couple of Enron auctions in 2002, which were pretty well-attended, though the first one was much more crowded. If you plan to go to this, assume you’re not alone in the plan and get there early. And whatever you do, don’t make this guy’s mistake.

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