Cohen’s campaign kickoff

I had the pleasure of attending the official campaign kickoff for Ellen Cohen last Thursday evening in Bellaire at her headquarters. The place was packed – people were lining up outside the door because there wasn’t enough room inside. Lots of energy, lots of fundraising potential, and a candidate with credentials that just can’t be beat. I’ve said this privately to several people, and I’ll say it publicly here: If the Democrats can’t beat Martha Wong with Ellen Cohen, they pretty much can’t beat her. Things can always go wrong, of course, but if you went off to a lab and asked them to build you a candidate, they’d give you Ellen Cohen. I don’t know how much news coverage this race is going to get, but it’ll be well worth watching.

I’ve got copies of the introductory remarks, plus Ellen’s speech, if you’re interested. They’re all Word docs:

David Mincberg, former HCDP chair and the emcee for the evening.

Jim Postl, retired President and Chief Executive Officer of Pennzoil-Quakerstate and present chairperson of the United Way campaign.

Lisa Malosky, former Channel 2 sports reporter and Houston Rockets halftime show host, as well as honorary chairperson of the Houston Area Women’s Center 5k run.

Ellen’s speech, of which this is my favorite bit:

I know this race will require a great deal of stamina and energy and let me assure you I am the beneficiary of a great maternal gene pool. My Mother is joining me from Tucson and while very supportive of my efforts, she had to cancel one of her twice weekly gym classes to make it here tonight. Two hours a week of cardio and weight lifting is pretty darn good for someone who, and I know she doesn’t mind my saying this, will be 91 in May.

We should all be that lucky.

As for me, I was lucky enough to get my picture taken with Lisa Malosky. Take her advice and get to know Ellen Cohen. She’s the real deal.

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3 Responses to Cohen’s campaign kickoff

  1. matth says:

    I was hoping to bump into you there but the place was too packed. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. Thanks for posting the speeches.

  2. Bill says:

    Do you have an Ellen Cohen magnetic on your car?

  3. Sue Barnum says:

    I would like to be on Ellen Cohen’s mailing list….will certainly support her. It’s about time we had some really good Dems step up to the plate to bring the opposition down to size!

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