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A little love for Metro

The headline to this story more or less says it all: “Group is kind to Metro”.

Representatives from the Metropolitan Transit Authority weren’t derailed by stinging criticism or adverse comments on April 20, when they met with members of the Museum District Business Alliance at the group’s regular monthly meeting.

“The MDBA is pro-University Corridor. We see it as a significant asset to the city,” group president Claude Wynn said. “It’s one that will tie activity centers of Montrose to those in the rest of the city and (is) vital to Houston’s growth into the 21st century.”

About 50 members of the nonprofit organization gathered at the Italian Cultural and Community Center, 1101 Milford.

The group sets its sights on improving the public enjoyment and profile of the Montrose area and combating deterioration in the neighborhood.

Members listened to more of Metro’s continuing outreach commentary regarding those individuals whose homes and businesses will be affected by the ultimate location of the future light rail line.

“There’s been a lot of discussion, a lot of stirring in our neighborhoods regarding where the light rail will go,” Wynn said. “We want to know what the facts look like and while we may not always agree with Metro, we will respect the process.”

Respecting the process – what a concept. We could use a little more of that, especially if the recent trends in overall ridership are more than just a blip.

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  1. kevin whited says:

    Respecting the process – what a concept.

    Respecting the process that urban-rail advocates prefer, or the process preferred by the voters who understood “Westpark Corridor” to mean “Westpark Corridor” (and not the bizarre contortions of meaning concocted by urban rail advocates)?

    I know it’s hard for some people to believe (especially those who “know best”), but the process of respecting popular sovereignty is a process as well. 🙂

    Those who are in favor of a Richmond line support a process that leads to their desired outcome. That’s certainly their right, but some folks are trying way too hard to dress up that pig as something other than what it is.

  2. RedScare says:

    Popular sovereignty, that’s what we call shouting down speakers at forums these days? I prefer the old-fashioned term, thuggery, myself.