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Name another fermenter!

Once again, as has been done twice in the recent past, it’s time to help the Saint Arnold Brewery name that fermenter.

Oh, the excitement! Yes, our two newest (and last – for a while anyway) fermenters have arrived, been installed, brewed into, but they are lacking one thing. Yes, names! Just like last time, we are selling the naming rights to only one of these tanks. The tank to be auctioned off is the biggest one right at the front door – the first tank you see upon entering the brewery! This is your chance to enter the ranks of the beatified, along with St. Gonzo (a good man) and St. Sambomeister (a good Schnauzer). And you can come out and visit your saintliness and see what is fermenting inside each week. Plus you and your date get eternal free admission to the tour! The proceeds will assist us in purchasing more brewing equipment so we won’t run you out of beer.

Here are the specifics: the tank will be named St. [you fill in this blank]. It cannot be a company name and cannot cause offense. Other than that, the sky is the limit. It also cannot duplicate any of our existing tank names (so if your name is Adrian, Brigid, Columbanus, Dorothy, Edmund, Florian, Gall, Gonzo, Hildegard, Idesbald, Jacobus, Lawrence, Matthew, Nicholas, Patrick or Sambomeister, we apologize). The last time the bidding was fast and furious. To see the tank and the auction, follow this link.

Bid early and often!

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, you can’t beat that. Happy bidding!

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One Comment

  1. Greg Morrow says:

    Obviously, we need to name one of the fermenters after one of our finest pontiffs and Cloud City administrators, Pope Lando.