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From the “People unclear on the concept” files

I believe we have a new definition of “out of touch”: Uncritically citing a Colbert Report segment as support for your position that evil liberal forces are out to get you.

Poor Tom. How the mighty have fallen.

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One Comment

  1. PDiddie says:

    DeLay knows exactly what he’s doing. Recall the fundraising letter that hit the mailbox the same week he announced his resignation. Why do you think the video still remains on the site after we’ve all thrown our lampoons at it?

    Tom DeLay and his fundraising apparatchiks studied P.T. Barnum extensively. They get the joke.

    It’s those who would write the checks to DeLay’s legal defense fund that don’t know who Stephen Colbert is, or what he does.

    (“Satire. Hole in the ground. Hmmm …”)