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Krispy Kreme: Still dead in Houston

As you may recall, the Krispy Kreme donut franchise exited Houston in March in the midst of a nasty franchisee lawsuit. At the time, a local outfit called Jumbles Dough Factory and Coffee Bar took over several former Krispy Kreme locations under the auspices of Lone Star Doughnuts, Ltd. Now it looks like they’re kaput, too.

Many Jumbles locations are no longer doing regular business. Suppliers say they are unable to reach Lone Star executives.

Brinton did not return phone calls placed to his office or his cell phone.

The lights are off and the phones are out at various Jumbles locations.


H. Mills Duncan IV, president of Duncan Coffee Co., says he hasn’t heard a word from anyone at Lone Star Doughnuts.

“They aren’t returning my phone calls,” he says. “I don’t have any idea what is going on.”

Duncan says it’s unfortunate if the concept has failed because the operators had a strong name and a solid concept for the new business.

Jumbles also supplied doughnuts and pastries to area Kroger stores.

“We are no longer doing business with Jumbles,” says Russell Richard, director of public affairs for The Kroger Co.

I’d say that sounds like an ex-donut business to me. As I said before, at least we’ll always have Shipley’s. Thanks to Houstonist for the link.

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  1. joewhite says:

    Shipley’s is ok in a pinch (now that the closest Duncan Donuts is out in Bellaire), but the destination of choice is Christy’s Donuts at the corner of Montrose and W. Gray. And they make a mighty fine cup of coffee, too!

  2. Damn. I miss Shipley’s. I would trade all the Dunkins in the world, and all the Krispy Kremes too, for a good Shipley donut.

    And I haven’t had one in more than two years now. 🙁