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Three cheers for the guest bloggers

I’m back to what passes for normal now, including being mostly readjusted to Central time. We were in Oregon at just the right time, a day or two after their annual heat wave had dissipated. I mean, how much would it suck to go from Houston to Portland in late July and find that it was cooler back home? Thankfully, the weather was great, and Olivia got to spend a lot of time outside. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I want to thank all the fine folks who gave me stuff to publish while I was out of the office, as it were. My sincere gratitude to:

City Council Member Carol Alvarado, for her post on the “debate” over the Houston Police Department’s policy concerning illegal immigrants.

State Rep. Ana Hernandez, for her post on the Voting Rights Act.

State Rep. Jessica Farrar, for her post on why anti-immigration rhetoric affects not only Hispanics, but everyone.

The next Congressman from CD22, Nick Lampson, for his post on environmental issues.

The next Congressman from CD14, Shane Sklar, for his post on the future of agribusiness.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, for his post on the Green Ribbon Project.

A big round of applause for all of the guest bloggers, please. I hope you enjoyed reading their contributions as much as I did. Thanks, everyone!

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One Comment

  1. Support Science to Reverse Global Warming, if still possible says:

    Thanks so much for your works and words.

    We have to try to reverse global warming for all of our sakes.

    We have to try to restore The Enlightenment, The Age of Reason, and Our Democracy, in order to be able to problem solve for the big problems we have now.

    Good luck to us all.


    Add information to the U.S. House Energy Subcommittee which is being held open for additional comments on Global Climate Change for 30 days from July 27, 2006.

    Tell them about the Amazon.
    5 August 2006 22:44

    Amazon rainforest ‘could become a desert’

    And that could speed up global warming with ‘incalculable consequences’, says alarming new research


    Like Ulysses and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, we are in a tight spot…between a rock and a hard place.
    Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire


    Please try to persuade the following large groups of Democrats, Independants and Progressives to put evidence back in elections to prove our Democracy and to successfully reject the Federal Government’s Centralization of all our votes, an unstated part of this Holt’s H.R.550.


    What’s wrong with the Holt Bill in three easy bullets

    Common Cause,, TrueMajority,, and many other large election reform groups are pushing – and pushing hard – for passage of HR550 (the Holt Bill), national legislation aimed to amend the Help America Vote Act. The bill is being sold as a way to put “auditable paper trails” into national law. Sounds like a great idea. But many activists disagree with the approach to support “paper trails” that might be audited when what we want are real paper ballots that are – not might be – counted.

    The other problem with HR550 is that it is about much more than paper trails. Read below the dangerous details that the groups pushing for passage of HR550 “as written” aren’t talking about.

    The democratic processes of the American Republic are based on decentralized power. Centralized power led to the American Revolution. Centralized power is the antithesis of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    1. Centralization of Executive Power–White House Control over Counting the Votes: HR550 extends beyond the existing expiry date the power and authority of the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), establishing a Presidential Commission authorized to control the counting of votes in every election–federal, state,and local–in the nation.

    2. Centralization of Executive Power–Crony Appointments: The potential for stacking of the EAC is evident in the scenario already played out under the current Administration. In early 2006, the Bush White House made numerous recess appointments, putting political cronies into positions of power and authority without any Congressional oversight or checks and balances. Of the eight recess appointments made on January 4, 2006, three were Commissioners to the Federal Election Commission. Two of those appointed Commissioners are known for their opposition to voting rights and clean elections. The third is a political crony of Senate Minority Leader Reid of Nevada. (Nevada is now positioned to take a lead role in the Democratic presidential nomination process. For this privilege, Nevada has promised to play the nomination process by Party rules, financed by the Casino industry.)

    3. Centralization of Executive Power–Regulatory Authority: Federal regulatory authority means the federal entity preempts state and local authorities. The EAC was created as an advisory commission with one exception: it was granted regulatory authority over the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). The EAC has been steadily positioning and even suing to assert its regulatory authority in other areas under its domain. Even if it does not succeed through litigation, the EAC could, with the insertion of a single line of text in ANY congressional act, become regulatory. This is how the FEC gained regulatory powers. A regulatory EAC means that a Presidential Commission potentially stacked with political cronies would have legal decision making and enforcement power over the following areas, for every state in the nation:

    — Which voting systems are approved for use in our elections

    — Who counts the votes in every election

    — How votes are counted in every election

    — How recounts are administered and how their outcomes are determined

    A recent editorial in the New York Times, entitled “Strong Arming the Vote” (August 3, 2006) describes how the Department of Justice under the Bush Administration has been heavily involved in partisan ploys to negate necessary checks and balances in election practices. HR 550, if passed as written, will establish a whole new arm of Executive power with dangerous authority to subvert the entire democratic process of elections that supports our system of government. It would result, in effect, in a bloodless coup.

    People often ask, so what DO you support?

    Here’s an amended bill that might gain grassroots support:
    We, the grassroots, can support the Holt Bill when it is amended to remove those dangerous provisions that centralize Executive power and expand Judicial election decision making authority. A Holt Bill that amends HAVA and provides real solutions to the problems in our election system need only include three items:

    — The incontrovertible and legally defensible system of verifiable elections through the use of real, voter-marked and verifiable paper ballots (as distinguished from paper trails)

    — The elimination of secret vote counting through the use of black box voting products.

    — An extension of all HAVA mandated deadlines pending a complete independent investigation, analysis, and audit of HAVA monies distributed and spent on electronic voting systems, the outcomes thereof, with said investigation including information on the most advanced system of checks and balances for elections: hand counted paper ballots.

    What can you do?

    Contact your Congressional representatives and tell them to amend or end HR550.


    from the DNC:

    DNC Announces Expanded National Voter Protection Effort

    The DNC’s new national hotline, 1-888-DEM-VOTE

    • ADVANCING LEGISLATION FOR VERIFIED VOTING: The DNC will continue working with Congressional leaders, grassroots activists and state parties to build support for federal legislation to mandate a verified voting paper trail for voting machines that has been proven as the best method of securing votes.


    No Centralization.

    And, you will need to count the evidence, the paper ballots.