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Martha Wong and the Case of the Missing Party Identifier

What do you do when your campaign signs identify you as a Republican in a year where that isn’t such a great thing to be? Why, you do a little ad hoc editing, of course. See? Duct tape really is the force that holds the universe together.

Now many campaign signs, including those of Ellen Cohen, don’t identify a candidate’s party. There is a version of the Wong sign that doesn’t include the Republican label at all – driving around the Rice area, I saw more with no mention of the word Republican than I did with it. What amuses me about this is that either those signs were done accidentally and then handed out anyway for whatever the reason, or the Wong campaign made a strategic change after realizing that the R wasn’t doing her any good. Whichever is the case, applying tape to the offending signs is funny. Guess Martha didn’t want to spend any of her sizeable war chest on replacements. She can always claim she’s just being fiscally conservative, I suppose.

UPDATE: At least Wong didn’t do this.

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  1. Reg Burns says:

    I think this should carry over to ballots too, no party designation.

  2. Burt Levine says:

    If we did our even year races the same way we do our Houston City Council odd year races where there is no straight (or gay) ticket voting and where there isn’t anything written on the ballot to designate Democrat v. Republican.

    While now days we do now the D v. R regarding every and all the Houston City Council members it is something the voters need to find out on their own and have an easier time overlooking if they choose to which again makes our odd year races so much more fun, exciting and nerve wracking than our usual even year races.

    This yr though with five candidates for gov and no Republican on the ballot in my cd it does make it likely 7-8 percent of the voters could look at individuals this more than they ever did before.