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Eternal questions, Episode One

So I was reading Green Eggs and Ham to Olivia this evening, and just as I was getting underway she pointed to the story’s protagonist, the guy who does not like green eggs and ham, and said “What’s his name?”

Umm. Uhh. Let me get back to you on that.

Tiffany overheard my dilemma and came to my rescue, as Olivia had apparently asked her that same question last night. “We call him the Hat Man,” she informed me. The Hat Man it is. When Olivia pointed at him again later in the story and said “Hat Man”, I understood.

I figure this is just the first of many, many questions that she will ask me that I will have no idea how to answer. Clearly, I need to work on my improvisation skills for the future.

How would you have answered?

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  1. Since my sons NEVER asked that question, this is my answer for you 😉

    “You’re a very bright young girl. No one has ever asked that questions before. Keep up the good work. People who have questions are the only ones who will find the answers.” 😀

  2. Cidnie says:

    I would have said “That is NOT Sam I am”.
    Glad to hear that Olivia is an avowed reader, not that I am surprised. Have you introduced her to any Shel Silverstein yet?

  3. “His name is Wammo, and he is a poet.”

  4. Greg Wythe says:

    Having no kids of my own, I offer only the humble advice of a loving uncle. Everyone’s name that I do not know, but am questioned as to their name … is named “Hank”. Doesn’t matter if I need a female name or not. Everyone’s name is Hank.

    If backups are needed, I like to rotate “Skippy,” “Bif,” and “Moe” into the mix. If more or needed, I find it helpful to have crib notes on the names of the Seven Dwarves as well as Santa’s reindeers. If it gets to the point where I’m delving into the names of Budweiser Clydesdales, the book is promptly closed, reading time is declared over, the lights go out, I storm out, let the kid cry themself to sleep and announce to my siblings that they can have their kid back.

    But usually, “Hank” is sufficient in and of itself.

  5. muse says:

    I would have said, “hmm. He never tells his name. What do YOU think his name is?” Whatever she said, I would have said, “That’s a great name! Let’s call him that.”

  6. CrispyShot says:

    Interesting – Jane just always called him “the dog.” Which makes me wonder: WHAT is he?

  7. hope says:

    I’m with muse. I always ask my kids what THEY think it is, when there is no apparent correct answer.