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Still more Zogbys

Another round of Zogby Interactive polls, for which BOR has the Governor’s race summary. Basically, it’s still Perry leading but in the danger zone at 33%, Bell in second but back a bit at 22%, Friedman farther back at 19%, and Strayhorn with her best showing in recent memory at 15%. The main curiosity here is that the sample stretched over six days; usually polls are three-day affairs. The time frame (September 19-25) covers some of the Kiny Friedman dustup and some of the time that Chris Bell had an ad running. (I can’t seem to escape Strayhorn ads these days. One of her promos just about took over a page on that I was trying to read yesterday. If there’s anything I hate more than popups, it’s ads that drape across the screen and force you to click a box to close them. Please, please, somebody tell me that Firefox 2.0 can block that crap. The release notes don’t say.)

Also of interest is the Senate result, which puts KBH ahead of Barbara Radnofsky by a 53-30 margin. This is a significant variance from last month, where Zogby pegged it as 48-39, and brings it much more in line with Rasmussen’s polling – their August data point was 58-32. Makes me wonder if Zogby’s sample is a little different this month, and if so which one is the outlier from their perspective. Also makes me wonder if the movement in each poll is related.

Anyway, it’s nice to see polling frequency increase as we get closer to the election. I expect we’ll see more SUSA and Rasmussen results soon, too. The more data, the better.

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  1. Alan says:

    Strayhorn has totally saturated the airwaves (television and radio) up here in Dallas, sometimes with the same ad running multiple times during a local newscast. The bad part of all this is that I’ve only seen two ads – one talking about how her future isn’t in politics (yeah, whatever) and the other about Perry’s $300 million slush fund.

    And, we still have over 5 weeks to go! My head hurts.

  2. PDiddie says:

    I think you have to disable Active-X, Chuck (though I have not tried this; I just hit back and forward again, carefully avoiding mousing near Grandmaw’s ugly face).