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Happiness is…

One of Olivia’s current favorite books is a well-loved copy of Happiness Is A Warm Puppy that belonged to me as a kid. I was reading it to her yesterday, and when we finished, I asked her “So, Olivia, what makes you happy?” She gave her answer without hesitation – “Chocolate cake!” She is sooooo her mother’s daughter…

I think a story like that deserves a picture, don’t you? Here’s Olivia doing another of her favorite things: decorating the Christmas tree.

And here’s her favorite ornament:

Yes, that’s a genuine Derek Jeter Christmas ornament, given to me by my excellent mother-in-law. Olivia loves loves loves the Derek Jeter ornament. Okay, so maybe she’s a little bit my daughter, too.

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  1. norbizness says:

    Wait a minute, that isn’t a Graig Nettles?

    And I know you’re fully in the holiday spirit, but that’s no reason to graft antlers on to your daughter.

  2. Tiffany says:

    The sad part is, she CAN identify Graig Nettles on sight, though she prefers Yogi Berra or Mel Allen from her Yankee alphabet book.