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Tea for two

Olivia received a Disney Princess Tea Set on Saturday as a Christmas present from a family friend. As you can see from the picture, the gift was a big hit. We all spent the better part of Sunday drinking enough tea to float a battleship. What amazed me was just how naturally the tea-pouring ritual – right down to the cream and sugar – came to Olivia. Far as I know, she’d never seen a tea set before this weekend. You can make whatever psycho-social mumbojumbo you want out of all that. I just got a kick out of watching her engage in this new form of play.

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  1. Kent says:

    Does she attend preschool or daycare?

    I’m always amazed at how much my 3 year old daughter picks up at preschool. She learned to use silverware and drink from an open cup at preschool long before she was doing it at home.

  2. Richard Morrison says:

    Very nice! My daughter Julia (age 5) has the same set. And now my daughter Lauren (age 1.5) uses it as well. The are both quite the hostesses. It is also quite interesting to see how naturally my sons like to beat each other up with light sabers.


  3. Kent – Yes, she attends preschool/daycare. I’ve never seen a tea set there, but perhaps I’ve missed one. For sure, she has picked up a ton of (mostly good) things there. She also can say who all four of the Disney Princesses are in that tea set, which I guarantee she didn’t learn at home. 🙂