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One more to go: HD29

The last election of 2006 (but not necessarily the last election of this cycle) will take place on Tuesday. It’s the special election for HD29 to fill the seat left vacant by the death of State Rep. Glenda Dawson. There are multiple Republicans and one Democrat in this race, Dr. Anthony DiNovo, who ideally would make it to a January runoff (*that* would be the last election of this cycle). If nothing else, if DiNovo just makes it to the runoff, that’s one less assured vote for Tom Craddick as Speaker. Anything that makes Craddick sweat is good, and who knows? After Ciro Rodriguez’s laugher last week, can anyone say for sure what might happen in a runoff?

Various folks are currently involved in the GOTV work for DiNovo. If you’ve got the time and the inclination, please join in with Muse, Coby, Kaos, Karl-T, and Hal at DiNovo headquarters. Especially Hal. Dems started the year with a special election win. Wouldn’t it be great to end it that way, too?

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  1. Karl-T says:

    Thanks Charles, I leave in a few hours.

    Care to join us out here? Know what Greg’s up to?

  2. muse says:

    I was at DiNovo headquarters yesterday and things are going well. More volunteers doing GOTV for Monday and Tuesday would be ideal!