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Still more new frontiers in caffeination

Well, you’ve got your caffeinated donuts and your caffeinated beer, but you’re not sure those are two great tastes that taste great together. So, as an alternate accompaniment to your hi-test brewskie, how about some caffeinated potato chips?

Birmingham-based Golden Enterprises, maker of Golden Flake snacks, said Tuesday it is now shipping to retailers its newest treat: NRG Phoenix Fury Potato Chips, described as an “energy” chip.

It took the company 18 months to develop the chips, which a company press release billed as “The New Breed of Energy, one crunch at a time!”

The chips include taurine, caffeine and B-vitamins familiar to drinkers of energy and sports-related beverages.

Golden Flake said it is the first snack company to make an energy chip.

The company described the chips as “hot” and not for kids or pregnant moms.

Okay, I don’t actually see the word “potato” in there anywhere, so who knows what’s actually in those suckers. Maybe they found a way to turn caffeine directly into a crunchy, edible form. You’ve got to be willing to take a few things on faith out here in the caffeine frontiers. Thanks to Mac for the link.

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