Another contender for At Large #1

The following press release hit my Inbox today:

Lonnie Allsbrooks announced his intent to become candidate for At-Large Position 1 for the City of Houston.

Lonnie Allsbrooks, a successful small business owner from the Heights, has decided to run for the City of Houston At large Position 1. As a resident of Houston for the past 38 years, Lonnie Allsbrooks has come to value and appreciate this community, but has realized there is the potential for growth and change.

Lonnie stated, “The reason I am running for this position is to give the people of Houston a representative that is fair, honest, and genuinely willing to take the time to listen to the needs of the citizens of this community. I am that person.”

Lonnie Allsbrooks currently resides in the Heights where he owns and operates his small business, Beer Island. He is also in the process of opening a small café in the Heights called The Trail Mix. After the encouragement and support from other small business owners, Lonnie is excited about his decision to run for city council and the possibility of making a difference in the Houston community.

Beer Island, for those not familiar with it, is on the southeast corner of Studewood and White Oak, catty-corner from Fitzgerald’s. I attended a meeting of the Woodland Heights Civic Association a couple of years back after Beer Island and its across-Studewood neighbor the Sixth Street Bar and Grill opened at which the topic of discussion was the loud live music being played at those locations. I live about six blocks away, and there was one night I recall where I could sing along with the band from my front porch. The meeting was a bit contentious, but in the end everything appears to have been worked out – at least, I’m not aware of any current complaints, and I’ve not heard any more music from either of those location. That’s all I know about Lonnie Allsbrooks, who joins a field that includes Herman Litt, Steve Costello, and fellow Heights resident Karen Derr.

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One Response to Another contender for At Large #1

  1. Lonnie says:

    My request to the City of Houston,is please show me a legal document of the election that took place in 1912 by the residents of the City of Heights. Where is the legal document of the map/boundaries dry/wet areas of the Heights community,and why is it not at the 1 office that the City of Houston gives the responsibility to approve or disapprove locations to be able to serve alcohol. “You think they would know this information since there is only 1 dry area,someone says, in the inner loop area of Houston!!” The signs for last sheriff election,was not placed on my property or by me,Lonnie Allsbrooks. I am seeking this public office for other reasons than what is going on in the Heights, remember Houston has other communities that are just as important and if elected,I will define the meaning of a caring/problem solving public servant!! Thank you, Lonnie

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