Weekend link dump for May 17

Clearly, I miss out by not reading “Slylock Fox” every Sunday.

While I’m somewhat relieved to learn that John Edwards’ staffers had a plan to scuttle his nomination in the event it was needed, I’m thinking that maybe they should have taken action anyway.

Rock stars, nerd style.

Cheney picks Limbaugh over Powell on GOP future. So does every Democrat in America.

Define baseball in 150 words. Let me know when they try it for 140 characters. Via Chad.

Ever wonder what the deal is with Jughead’s hat? Well, now you know.

The Bloggess: Sexier than the Dalai Lama.

Have I mentioned that Pete Sessions is an idiot? I guess it really can’t be said often enough. Remember a few years ago when folks like Pete Sessions likened disagreement with the President to treason? Boy, those were the days.

Where have you gone, Dom DiMaggio?

Zombie fire ants. George Romero, please pick up the white courtesy phone…

RIP, Wayman Tisdale.

Evil rides a Segway.

Woo hoo! “Dollhouse” gets renewed!

Here are some inspiring college graduation stories, including a cool one from my alma mater.

No, this is not copyright infringement. It is hilarious, however. Kudos to Hair Balls for being first on the scene.

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