Weekend link dump for May 31

Holy crap, is it really almost June already?

Your modern Republican Party.

I love it when ladies of a certain age cuss like sailors.

I think I’ve finally found an argument against gay marriage that I can understand: The thought of it makes some people so incredibly stupid that there’s a risk it could rub off on the rest of us. I suppose it’s better than the current arguments, which to my mind mostly boil down to “Ewww!”

The art and etymology of “chubbing”.

The Deep South is just different.

How to win 300 games.

A Joss-free Buffy? Blasphemy!

“Lost”: The Rewatch. Admit it, you need a fix to make it through the summer.

Life never stops being like high school, does it?

Michelle Bachmann: The comic book. One can only imagine what kind of super-villains she’ll encounter.

It’s hard to imagine the rhetoric from conservatives getting any stupider, but the Sonia Sotomayor nomination is proving that it can.

If you want to know more about our next Supreme Court Justice and prefer something a lot less stupid than all that, try this.

Archie and Veronica? That’s just wrong.

I had no idea there was a hullabaloo about hugging. All my friends in college were a bunch of huggers. Somehow, we managed to survive and become mostly productive members of society. Via Yglesias.

Of course, it does help to know the right way to hug.

Good grief, now George Will is even making stuff up about baseball. What else is there for him to fib about?

Libertarians at sea. Watch out for pirates!

Ten years of SpongeBob.

The wearable towel. Just please, ignore the suggestion about going to get the paper while wearing it.

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