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Dems say they can block McLeroy

Good for them.

San Antonio Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, who chairs the Senate Democratic Caucus, said all 12 Democrats in the Senate plan to vote against the nomination [of Don McLeroy as Chair of the State Board of Education]. It takes 11 votes to block consideration of nominations.

Several other Democrats [Monday] evening confirmed the tally of ‘no’ votes.

“At this point, I think they’ve got the votes to block,” acknowledged one GOP senator, who asked not to be quoted for fear of retribution by colleagues who are trying to get McLeroy approved. “I’ll be a little surprised if (the Senate GOP leadership) push the vote.”

In theory, that vote may occur today or tomorrow. As you know, I don’t think it will matter much in the end if the Senate busts him or not, as I fully expect Governor Perry to replace him with someone just as bad. Many people for whom I have a lot of respect, like Muse, disagree with me on this; as expected, she’s quite happy with this news. I’m perfectly happy to see the Senate Dems stick together on this and force Perry to try again – one hopes for the last time – I’m just saying my hopes for any kind of improvement as a result of that are not high. What I’d really like to see – what I know we’d all really like to see – is for the Senate to follow through on a more substantive set of reforms for the SBOE, but that’s not looking too good. Busting McLeroy may be the best we’re going to get, and while that’s nice, it’s not enough. It’s going to take more change at the ballot box for it to get any better.

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