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Weekend link dump for June 7

In honor of Olivia’s fifth birthday yesterday, the celebration of which we are still recovering from. Ain’t no party like a five-year-old birthday party, ’cause a five-year-old birthday party don’t quit.

The last survivor of the “Titanic” has passed away at the age of 97.

I for one never had any doubt that Pringles were in fact a potato-based snack.

Hey, remember that DHS report on right wing extremists? Maybe it’s time for a second look.

And just a reminder of the so-called “peaceful, legal means” that were used to harass and terrorize an American hero and his staff.

Holy crap, is Norm Coleman still trying to overturn his loss in court? How many appeals does this loser get?

A critical evaluation of Oprah Winfrey’s health advice.

Once again, the modern day GOP.

Troll slayers.

The Space Shuttle makes a stop in San Antonio.

A little perspective from Austan Goolsbee.

The five worst movie moms.

Hmm. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for Archie to marry Veronica.

Geek tattoos. Moderately NSFW.

Knock ’em dead in Canada, Chase!

Who wouldn’t want to attend the Moore-Bacon wedding?

Congratulations to Randy Johnson for notching career win number 300.

The 10 Commandments in txt speak. Srsly.

20 fictional foods and drinks we wish were real. I’m proud to say that item #17 was my suggestion.

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One Comment

  1. Greg Wythe says:

    The Chase Clement shout-out was a bit off tempo. He’s already given up on the CFL after one day in camp:

    New QB calls it quits after just two practices

    Chase Clement’s pro career lasted all of two practices.

    The quarterback, who signed just last week after a standout career at Rice University, came to coaches yesterday morning to say he was quitting and going back to his hometown of Houston, Texas.

    “We’re going to give him the opportunity to go home and figure out what he wants to do next,” head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said.

    Clement will be registered with the league as retired, allowing the Ticats to retain his rights for the duration of his contract — reportedly two years plus an option — without having to use one of the team’s negotiation list spots.

    Clement wasn’t available for comment yesterday but his father Craig told the Rice Owls Examiner that his son didn’t enjoy the CFL game.

    “He did not feel that the Canadian style of football was something that he could be passionate about,” the elder Clement said.

    “So he prayed about it — was very diligent about that –we guided him through that effort just to make sure that he was making the right decision.”

    Clement’s father said his U.S.-based agent will continue to explore NFL options for his son.

    Quarterback coach Khari Jones said Clement may have been overwhelmed by the speed and skill of the players at this level.

    “You have to really want to do it and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t,” said Jones. I guess Clement figured out he didn’t want to.”