Don’t fear a fight with KBH

I want to take a minute to recommend Karl-Thomas’ analysis of the Governor’s race, and why Democrats seem to be working towards a self-fulfilling prophecy of Kay Bailey Hutchison’s inevitability and unbeatableness. I’ve talked about some of this stuff before, but his point about how Rick Perry’s attacks on KBH from the right can give a Democratic nominee the opportunity to box her in early on is a good one; what’s more, by having a good Democrat in the race early on, it could negatively affect her presumed strategy to lure non-traditional Republican voters into that primary to counteract Perry’s base. Good stuff, and I’m glad to see more attention focused on this. I just hope the message gets received by those who can do something about it.

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5 Responses to Don’t fear a fight with KBH

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Most expect the Texas Democratic Party to once again “select” the candidate and more or less “demand” no one challenge them to increase the likelihood that Democrats will vote in the Republican primary to get rid of Rick Perry. But one down is not necessarily one to go.

    The only “viable” candidate has been Bill White. He seems to become less viable by the day. So unless there is someone else, you can count on a Republican becoming governor again in 2010.

    The assumption that there is nothing worse than Rick Perry may prove a wrong assumption. The only thing worse than Rick Perry is Kay Bailey Hutchison. At least with Perry you know what you are up against. You really don’t with Hutchison. Who changes positions on a whim or a poll or whatever the current mood of her campaign donors is.

    The “crossover” votes in the primary may not help if Rick Perry manages to keep Texas solvent without cutting too much or raising too much and the national economy continues to worsen since that will be his main campaign platform. Kay Bailout Hutchison.

    And he may have a point at that point.

  2. Dale says:

    To say that we must choose someone evil because we know where he stands is ridiculous (much stronger words come to mind, but I am holding back here). KBH is highly overrated and totally beatable. She has the personality of a turnip; on the campaign trail, she has little to offer. Put her in the Republican primary against Perry and her pro-abortion stand will either kill her candidacy, or mortally wound it. At that point a strong Democrat has a chance.

    Sadly, BS is right about the prospects of a strong Democrat emerging. White is a good executive, albeit an autocrat, but his prospects are dimming almost as fast as Blago’s.

  3. cb says:

    Perry must go! Consider former austin mayor Kirk Watson, Lance Armstrong, Eva Longoria, etc… Let’s get thinking and get the party base excited about the 2010 election with a quality candidate who can raise some campaign money instead of the norm of the last 3 elections of putting up very flawed candidates who had little if any chance from the outset.

  4. Baby Snooks says:

    To say that we must choose someone evil because we know where he stands is ridiculous (much stronger words come to mind, but I am holding back here).

    I didn’t say that. What I said, if you want to use the word evil, is that Rick Perry is the lesser of the two evils.

  5. Dale says:

    The lesser of two evils is still evil. This reminds me of an old Lily Tomlin saying: “The problem with winning the rat race is that you’re still a rat.”

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