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Voter ID debate set for the Senate

I did an interview with State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte this evening, and in the course of our conversation, which I’ll be publishing on Monday, she said that there was a hearing set for voter ID legislation – presumably SB362 – in the Senate on March 10. This bill was referred to the full Senate last week, bypassing any committee hearings, because that would have given the Dems one more chance to kill it. That probably makes this the first non-emergency bill they debate and vote on, which shows again that as far as the Republican Party is concerned, is the single most important issue facing Texas today. We’ll see what arrows the Dems have in their quiver to try to derail this. It could very well get ugly, even uglier than what we saw on Day One, but if it does, it was the Republicans that picked this fight. It didn’t have to happen, and it wouldn’t have happened had they had a better, more realistic sense of priorities. But here we are, and what is about to be done will not be undone.

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One Comment

  1. John Cobarruvias says:

    This bill would prevent all the old folks from voting in my distict and they vote republican, so I got to support the bill.


    Rotten Bastards. All of them.