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Roger that

So about two weeks ago I got an email from a gentleman named David Smith, who is the proprietor of a website called Texans for Staubach, as well as the treasurer of a PAC by the same name, whose purpose is:

-To oppose the re-election of Governor Rick Perry
-To oppose the election of U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to the office of Governor
-To promote the candidacy of Roger Staubach for the Office of the Governor of the State of Texas

I had a brief email correspondence with Smith about this, and told him that while I’m on board with the first two planks in that platform, I’ll be supporting a Democratic candidate next November. I have a lot of respect for Roger Staubach, even as a Giants fan, but unless he’s about to do a Arlen Specter, I don’t foresee voting for him in the event he heeds this call. Nonetheless, I said I’d give this a mention, and so here we are. I don’t expect anything to come of this – besides Rick and Kay, the GOP primary has at least two other potential candidates; I don’t see how there’s the room, or the finances, for a Staubach bid – but there you have it.

UPDATE: Turns out The Rog is a KBH supporter.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Has anyone decided to set up a site o draft Dan Pastorini to run?

    No? Dibs!

  2. Baby Snooks says:

    “Turns out The Rog is a KBH supporter.”

    You have to wonder about people who would have themselves listed alongside Phil Gramm in these trying economic times.

    You also have to wonder about politicians who would list Phil Gramm as a supporter in these trying economic times.

    Maybe Kay Bailey Hutchison hasn’t figured out that not all Republicans are crooks.

  3. Evan says:

    Is this the Roger Staubach or the rookie Roger Staubach?