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Microbrewery bill passes out of committee

Woo hoo! HB2094, the bill that would allow microbreweries to sell some beer on premises that I thought might be dead before getting a glimmer of hope last week, passed out of the Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee on a 5-2 vote. That’s progress, baby. Time to call someone on the Calendars committee so this can get a floor vote. What a nice brewery-warming present that would make.

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One Comment

  1. BluSky says:

    This is fantastic news. I had no faith at all that it would ever get out of committee. It should have though, the result is going to be increased sales for the breweries all around. The distributors will benefit because buyers will begin to request a wider selection from retail merchants which will result in increased sales for the distributors. If this bill were about mail order sales, I’d understand the distributor’s opposition but this one is win-win.