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KBH will do whatever KBH will do

You can take what Bill White said about what Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison might have said about resigning her Senate seat to run for Governor, or what her spokesperson is saying now, however you want. I still believe she will not resign in time for a 2010 election. I say that because I think she wants to appoint her replacement herself and not let Rick Perry do it, and because I firmly believe in the principle that nobody knows what the hell KBH is going to do. I could, of course, be wrong, but that’s how I see it. Actions speak louder than words, so I’ll believe her when I see the resignation letter.

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One Comment

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    You assume she will win the primary.

    She may not assume that and wants to be sure she has a paycheck so to speak.

    Some Democrats may vote in the Republican primary in order to ensure she wins in the Republican primary which then leaves Kinky Friedman to win in the Democratic primary.

    Not too smart. But then Kay Bailey Hutchison may be counting on Democrats not being too smart.

    In any case, she is covering her bets, so to speak, every way possible.

    In the end, however, a majority of Texas might decide they’d rather have Kinky Friedman.

    In which case, who wins? The Democrats?