UTMB to open emergency room


The University of Texas Medical Branch is scheduled to open a full-service emergency room Aug. 1 for the first time since Hurricane Ike inundated its campus more than eight months ago, relieving pressure on overburdened emergency rooms throughout the region.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that a smaller UTMB has had an impact all over southeast Texas,” said David Marshall, UTMB chief operating officer.

UTMB’s Level 1 trauma center, a rating given to emergency rooms that provide the most services, was ranked among the best nationwide before the storm.

The emergency room has been closed since then, forcing emergency medical crews to drive patients long distances and be out of service for extended periods.

Marshall said UTMB is trying to get the emergency room open as soon as possible after talks with other hospitals in the region that are overwhelmed with patients that otherwise would have gone to the medical school.

Great news for the region and for the Island. I just hope they can hire, or rehire enough people in time for the opening.

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2 Responses to UTMB to open emergency room

  1. Michael Hurta says:

    Great news, indeed. I have been to the emergency room once in my life, and it was at UTMB. So, I’m especially glad to see this.

  2. Cincinnati Liberal says:

    I’d forgotten to blog about this. Thank you for the reminder.

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