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Governor’s race reaction roundup

Rachel rounds up a bunch of bloggers’ reactions to the various happenings among Democratic candidates, potential candidates, and former candidates for Governor. Couple of things to note: One, as KT points out, Ronnie Earle is still in the mix. And two, I think Burka’s take on Kirk Watson is very sharp. I realize there’s a certain amount of pessimism in the air right now concerning the state of the Governor’s race. But what strikes me is how many people experience and capability are currently considering running for something statewide. That’s a real change from 2006, and reflects a shift in the perception of winnability by Democrats. I see plenty of reasons to be optimistic about that.

On a side note, Stace announces his support for Bill White for Senate. I realize that John Sharp has repeatedly denied any interest in the Governor’s race despite national speculation that he’d shift. I’m thinking the window for him to make that shift in any event is narrowing. Just a thought.

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