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The first domino

Everybody’s been waiting to see what Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst will do next year, in the anticipation that if he announces a run for something else, Attorney General Greg Abbott will announce that he’s running for Lite Gov, and the dominoes will start falling as others scramble to move up the ladder. Turns out that it may not matter what Dewhurst decides to do – Abbott may knock over that first domino regardless.

Abbott’s new political director was coy when asked about a tip that Abbott definitely is running for lieutenant governor.

“The dominos are all falling. We still have the special session to get through. It’s a game of speculation right now,” says Luke Marchant, who returned to Texas earlier this month to run Abbott’s political shop.

As we know, right now Barbara Radnofsky is running for AG as a Democrat, and Republican Ted Cruz is all set to go as well. All I can say is that they’ll both have company in the event this happens.

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  1. […] the Senate job won’t come open before the 2010 filing deadline. Given that AG Greg Abbott is raring to run for Lite Gov, that may put Dewhurst and all of the dominoes that are lining up behind him in an interesting […]