Comcast to offer wireless broadband in Houston

Dwight has the news.

Coming next year to the hot, humid air all around you, Houston: High-speed wireless broadband from Comcast.

Its new High-Speed 2go service is rolling out now in Portland, Ore., and local Comcast spokesman Michael Bybee said today Houston will get it in 2010. He didn’t offer any other specifics.

Some more details can be found here. The main bits of interest to me for this service are these:

Comcast will offer its own wireless laptop cards and the service will not have any voice component. The card is free with a 1 year contract or it can be purchased for $99 and customers can go month to month.


Consumers can pay $69.99 a month for a “fast pack” national offering that buys them unlimited wireless data and a 12 Mbps home broadband offering. A metro-only service will cost $49.99 a month.

It’s not municipal WiFi, but it sounds interesting. As an existing Comcast customer, I’ll be most interested in what their pricing will be to bundle home broadband service with this. It would be nice to be able to take the laptop with me and not have to worry about finding a hotspot. Anyone else interested in this?

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  1. But where in Houston will there actually be coverage? Not barely-have-a-signal coverage, but strong coverage?

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