The SBOE’s assault on history

In my earlier post about the virtues of a pro-science PAC, I mentioned that the State Board of Education had turned its attention towards doing to social studies what it had done to science. Vince gives a great rundown of the so-called “expert” who is heading up the SBOE’s panel reviewing the curriculum. Check it all out, then tell me if you think I’m exaggerating about the need for those PACs I suggested.

In related news, the Texas Freedom Network chronicles the far right’s push to get Cynthia Dunbar appointed Chair of the SBOE, while the new Observer blog The Contrarian suggests that having Dunbar and her out-there in-your-face nuttiness would be better than having an equally conservative but much more presentable Chair like Barbara Cargill. On the assumption, which I’d made all along, that we’ll never get a sane Chair as long as Rick Perry is in charge, I have to concede the wisdom of that line of thinking. If nothing else, the likes of Dunbar will serve as good campaign material.

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4 Responses to The SBOE’s assault on history

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  3. Religious Fanatics Taking Over Education System says:

    The writings have been on the wall quite some time for the Texas
    education system, overly zealous religious fanatics have openly
    hijacked our schools. A great article by a Daily Sentinel (Nacogdoches
    Texas) writer exposes just how blatantly they are trying to rig the
    school curriculum in favor of the religious right.

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