KBH goes link trolling

Oh. My. God.

This morning, I came across a Web site for U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s gubernatorial campaign.

A provocative twist: The site may have been juiced with the intent of drawing visitors with the help of more than 2,200 hidden phrases—including “rick perry gay.” (See the phrases here.)


[KBH campaign spokesperson Jeff] Sadosky and other campaign aides said this afternoon that only the two phrases using “rick perry gay” will be removed because they won’t play into the campaign’s future messages.

Broadly, the campaign said a vendor sold them on a tool that generates the phrases hourly or less in an attempt to divine the most frequent Web searches made by individuals who search online using one or all of the terms “Rick Perry,” “Kay Bailey Hutchison” and “Texas.”

Punch line: The generated phrases aren’t intended to drive up traffic to the standbykay site; they are intended to help Hutchison’s campaign decide most efficiently where to purchase banner ads or other Web-related advertisign that would drive people to the site, where visitors can volunteer, chase information or make donations.

It’s like God decided that Texas’ joke-writing industry needed a stimulus package of its own. If only Molly Ivins were alive to see this. But hey, at least now we know someone on KBH’s team is actually playing for keeps.

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2 Responses to KBH goes link trolling

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  2. Baby Snooks says:

    So how many hits did “rick perry gay” produce? As for playing into the campaign’s future messages no doubt they will play into Rick Perry’s.

    Could the senator really be intimating that possibly the governor is gay?

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